The cyberattack simulation, made in Luxembourg.

ROOM #42: the highlight of LHC

Experience a real life disaster. You will fall. Think fast to get back on your feet.

A simulation environment creating a realistic experience where all participants have to make quick, high impact decisions in real time with minimal information.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Prepare your team for the next “cyber crisis”, now!

The way the team reacts, interacts and behaves will influence the course of the simulation. They will receive an in-depth debriefing upon conclusion. This will improve their crisis management reflexes.

For Whom ?

You can organize a ROOM #42 session for different purposes and people:

C-level, Executives, Managers

Can you make the right decisions in the middle of the crisis? Can you deploy the right people at the right place and time? Can you think fast, communicate effectively and execute the right counter measures?

Human Resources / Administration

Can you utilise people’s strengths to your advantage and minimise human error?

IT Department

Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees and often IT departments need to take a step back and re-evaluate their processes. Can you weather the storm of constant cyberattacks?

Marketing / Sales

You are the voice and face of your company, you LOVE your clients and their data… So do the bad guys, and they will come for it. Can you manage sensitive data and ensure trustworthiness?


Major implications come from data breaches. How do you circumnavigate the rough seas of legal implications for your company and provide your team with the right support and guidance?


You have direct access to highly confidential and sensitive data. This is what the bad guys are after and could cause the company irreparable harm. Can you implement and follow the best practices?

Since its creation in 2017, ROOM#42 welcomed participants seeking to test their resilience in the face of highly realistic cyber incidents. It gradually gained recognition not only locally but also internationally, leading to the establishment of a ROOM#42 in Toulouse, reflecting its growing influence.

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